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Healing Rates

The recovery rate after amputation is different for each person. There are no two surgeries or people that experience the same healing times and rates.

Following surgery, you will not return to your room until about four hours after you wake up. When you awake, many people say that they feel as though they have not had the amputation because they have the sensation that the limb is still attached.

On your residual limb, there will likely be a drainage tube to remove the excess fluids following your amputation. This tube usually remains in place for 24 hours following the surgery. The surgical dressings are typically changed within 48 hours following surgery. Your physician may alter these times to suit your unique needs.

Within 7-10 days, most patients are able to go home. Two to three weeks post-operatively your physician will remove the staples. During the healing period, which lasts anywhere from three to twelve weeks, the suture line will close and heal.

When the suture line has healed, fitting for a temporary prosthesis may begin. Again, the time frames mentioned in this portion of the booklet are “typical”. Some people may experience shorter time frames, while others may experience complications that lengthen them.

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