Care Manuals

Seal-in Systems

Donning How-To

  1. Roll on the Silicone Liner.
       •  Make sure there is no air between the bottom of the leg and the liner by pushing the liner between your fingers so it is flat.
       •  Use lotion or spray alcohol on the rubber gasket to ensure smooth donning.
       •  Add any socks that you may need for a proper fit. Cut off the bottom of a sock and tuck it into the rubber gasket. Roll the sock up the entire length of the residual limb.
  2. While sitting, put your leg into the prosthesis half–way.
  3. Stand on the leg (or push on your knee) until you hear a “clicking” sound. This means you are in the leg and it is safe to walk.
       •  Push the release valve while you stand to help don the prosthesis. 
       •  You will feel a hard stop when you reach the bottom. This means you are in the leg and it is safe to walk.
       •  Do not excessively force the leg into the prosthesis.


Doffing How-To

  1. To get out of the prosthesis, sit down.

  2. Push the release button with one hand and push the prosthesis off with the other hand.

  3. Pull your leg out of the prosthesis.


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